I am Stacy Messerschmidt, graphic designer, artist and lover of the unknown. After years of waiting to launch Love for Breakfast, I am finally taking the big leap. I am so excited to be sharing my passion, stories and adventures with you.

How it all started...

In 2017, my whole world turned upside down and I walked out on my life as I knew it.

My mother had just died of cancer, my relationship with my husband was toxic, and my corporate job was too close to home to not run into my ex on a regular basis. I sadly needed to leave the small town of Hermosa Beach, CA and start over. I was pushing 50 and my life was imploding. 

I had to make a change so I packed a bag and left home, quit my job and moved in with a friend. It was the beginning of a new life for me and I was terrified.

I remember sleeping on a couch, living out of a suitcase, just wanting to be happy, to feel good about myself and to have purpose. 

I’m an artist and when times get tough I have always turned to creating something. Creativity has always been my happy place. 

Honestly, I hadn’t been happy for some time. Unfortunately, it took me hitting rock bottom to do something about it.

After spending that summer of 2017 in Venice Beach, Ca at my friends. I eventually moved north to Marin County to live under the redwoods with my twin sister and nephew. Together we were able to get a bigger place and I was able to save up for my next chapter.

It took me 5 years to build myself up financially and to realize what I needed and wanted to do with my life. 

Sometimes you need that kick in the ass to make a change. 

“Love for Breakfast” grew out of that need for change. It became my driving force. The idea that everything should start from a place of love… even the beginning of my day.

Over the course of these 4 years I have reinvented myself with “love” being the centerpiece and I’m hoping to inspire others who may need a boost during a difficult time.

We all need love, we all want to feel love, and spreading love feels good. 

 XO Stacy