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Feeding your passions one day at a time. Podcast & apparel to remind us to start with love.

Love for Breakfast is on a journey to create a community and share stories of those who are following their passion and doing what they love every day. I am your host Stacy Messerschmidt, a creative on my own quest to create things that bring more love into this world.

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Music by Parker Macy

In the latest episode:

A moment with Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang, two artists on a journey together to live their best creative life, inspiring each other and the world around them. Through their art, they touch lives and raise awareness. Join me as they share some morning rituals and thoughts about purpose, love, and how they are sharing their over 2-ton collection of beach plastic with the world to inspire the next generation.

Find out more about Richard & Judith and the incredible work they are creating: